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How Equimats Came to North America

For decades, Equimats have been the ultimate matting choice for European equestrians, as they are known for being lightweight, therapeutic, durable, hygienic, as well as economical. Jill and her partner John, who now operate Equimats North America first experienced the benefits of these mats themselves in Europe, where Jill was pursuing a competitive riding career, and John regularly worked with Farmats, the sister application used for dairy farms. When they moved together to establish Dreamcatcher Meadows, Canada’s first full-service Hanoverian breeding and training operation, the couple examined every mat and stabling option available in North America, but found nothing of comparable performance, quality or value. Thus, Jill and John decided to bring Equimats to North America themselves, founding Equimats North America in 2003 and becoming the continent’s sole distributor.

After more than a decade since they launched the product at the Spruce Meadows Equifair in 2004 and won the Best Innovative Equine Product award, thousands of Equimats and Farmats have been enjoyed by horse lovers across North America.

These are the only products on the market that have all of these qualities:

  1. Economical – use 60% less bedding! Remember: The Equimat is the animal’s bed and bedding material is now used to just absorb wet – like cat litter!  Spend more time riding and lees time cleaning; no need to sift through bags of shavings.  Lift droppings off mat and remove saturated bedding.  Just a few minutes to clean a stall.  Use one bag at shows as opposed to 7 or 8!!!  Reduce manure pile dramatically and decomposes three times faster as no wasted clean bedding thrown out!
  2. Non-porous, EVA/virgin rubber composite- only Equimats can be disinfected.  No need for anti-bacterial hype products as there has never been a problem with sealed unit Equimats!
  3. Cushioning that mimics natural ground – horses will choose to stand on Equimats over the field!
  4. Interlocking- virgin rubber expands when mats are interlocked
  5. Lightweight – about two-thirds the weight of recycled tire mats
  6. Portable – fit any area and re-use over and over by adding other mats
  7. Easy to install
  8. Therapeutic support- less prone to stocking up, eases athritic joints, recommended by vets for lamitic recovery or any joint issues
  9. Non-slip, non-abrasive, surface tredplate – no more hock sores!
  10. Underside drainage
  11. Durable – John and Jill have Equimats still performing well after 16 years continuous use (came in shipping container with them!)

Since they introduced Equimats to North America, they have continuously invested in the best, and have improved the Equimat design with their Ultimat and Multimat product ranges.

Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, John Anderson, Jill Henselwood, Clay Webster and the RCMP are just a few names that have chosen Equimats for their horses, either for stabling at home or to take with them travelling to shows. Jill & John love sharing these products with people because they see the difference these mats make every day, and enjoy seeing other people discover and use them for the first time. Their distinctive green colour makes them easy to identify among all the other mats available on the market.

Of course, when Jill & John set up their own farm, they fully equipped their stables, breeding facility and round pen walls with Equimats, and recreational or working spaces with Multimats. They believe in their products 100%, and believe that those that try them will too!