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Use Equimats – the horse stall mat that helps combat strangles virus!!!!

Good news – we have the answer for stopping contamination spreading! We learned of Equimats while living in England where it was the industry standard in stalls, trailers and at show facilities.   I learned firsthand just how traumatic and devastating strangles is when my good friend who owned a Leicestershire riding school had the virus introduced the same way as Southlands – by a pony shipped in. It almost was the end of her business.  We learned the hard way that both the trailer rubber matting that the horse came in on and the recycled tire mats in the stall were a source of contaminant.  Despite disinfecting we had re-infections.  PLEASE pass on the message that recycled tire or rubber crumb mats are porous and just like wood, absorb the source of strangles, become contaminated and cannot be sterilized. Equimats are the only mats in North America that are not porous and have a documented record of effectively terminating contamination.

Whether horse lovers wish to purchase our product (we are the exclusive North American importer), other mats exposed should be destroyed when exposed to strangles.  Many vets will attest that Equimats are non-porous sealed mats that will not absorb the contaminant and can be disinfected if exposed, without future risk of contamination.  Same thing in trailers – the recycled tire or rubber crumb trailer matting on floors and on padded dividers can be contaminated.  Equimat Trailer mats and Equimat Wall Mats can be easily fit into trailers – strip the contaminated other matting out, disinfect and install our Ultimat Supersoft on the floor and Equimat Wallmat on the sides and dividers.

There has been recent hype about grey mats being sold out of Alberta that look like Equimats – claiming they having an effective antibacterial agent. Firstly, there are no test trials proving this agent works – none whatsoever! I imagine they added it, as this product’s formulation is unlike non-porous Equimats.   You don’t need antibacterials with Equimats as each mat is individually manufactured, separately made into a sealed unit.   Only non-porous Equimats can be truly sterilized.  We know as we have proved it over 17 years of personal experience. We started using it in 1997 at our equine facility in England and for the past 12 years in Pemberton, Canada,.  It is a key factor in the management that has led to the honour of being named champion USDF Sporthorse Breeder of the Year – for the past three years and based on actual competition results.

When converting the old cattle ranch we bought in 2003 to become our internationally recognized Hanoverian stud and training centre – www.dreamcatchermeadows.com –  we looked at  every mat available in North America.  Nothing compared to our experience with Equimats, but you couldn’t get any flooring like them here.  Now our fellow animal enthusiasts (our Ultimats are ideal for any creature) can enjoy the benefits;  we have been the sole importer/distributor in Canada and the U.S. since 2003.   We literally could not imagine operating without Equimats and have improved on the original with our new Ultimats.  Same durability (we have mats going strong after 16 years of continuous use), light, but now even easier to manage, measuring 3′ x 4′ and locking all round.  Apart from disease prevention – the mats pay for themselves; like our 40+ horse operation, you will  use 60 % less bedding (the mats formulation means the lightweight mats are the horses’ therapeutic support ; bedding is just used like kitty litter).  The mats also pay for themselves in reduced labour time cleaning stalls, less bedding, and the priceless attribute of uniform, therapeutic support.  Reduces vet bills as you won’t have hock sores, reduction in swelling from inflamed joints due to work (many show jumpers don’t even wrap when using Equimats).  The qualities go on and on.

Don’t be fooled by Silvertech, the recently marketed mats by a former Alberta distributor of Equimats.  Only Bar T5 and our farm, Dreamcatcher Meadows (operating as Equimat North America), sell the real Equimat/Ultimat.

We are horse lovers wanting the best for other horse lovers.  Please, for the sake of our beloved four-legged friends, spread the word (the mats are ideal for any animals, plus we do a human version marketed as Multimat – see www.equimats.com and www.farmats.com for details.  See the reviews in November’s Gaitpost and testimonials from several Olympians, reiners “My can’t leave home without it product” by Clay Webster in Western Horse Review and endless animal lovers).  And even if you don’t buy our Equimats, be sure to destroy any mats other than Equimats that have been exposed to strangles, or any virus!

Please pass this message on and make it viral to combat the virus!!!

Wishing all the best to our friends!

Jill and John

  • Posted on March 22, 2016
  • by admin