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Equimats and Multimats Dance Floor Capabilities

Dreamcatcher Meadows recently hosted a wedding at their award winning equestrian facility in Pemberton, British Columbia. The wedding took place outdoors and featured several logistical issues faced when hosting such an event outside. One of the issues that had to be solved prior to the wedding was finding a suitable flooring for multiple surfaces such as sand, concrete and grassy areas.

It was suggested to the bride and groom, why not use Equimats for your multiple flooring needs! Equimats light weight and durable design allowed for easy handling and installation around the entire Dreamcatcher Meadows property. The patented UVA and Virgin Rubber composite mats also provided a cushioning surface for guests to walk in their wedding dress shoe attire. The flooring was laid across a number of surfaces including; sand, concrete, dirt and grass. The bride and groom found the surface so forgiving the mats even ended up serving as the wedding dance floor!



The Equimat product was originally brought to North America to fill a need as the most versatile and dependable agriculture mat on the market. However due to the soft but extremely durable surface of the Equimat the mats have found several purposes outside of the farming industry. Equimats have been used as garage flooring, retail shop flooring, preload construction surface, retail standing cushioning, wedding dance floors and much more!

If you find yourself in the need of a flooring that will cushion your everyday working needs + stand the test of time, look no further than Equimats ~ often imitated never duplicated!

Photo (Dancing) | Funky Town Photography 


  • Posted on September 18, 2017
  • by admin