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Dairy Cow Mats


FARMAT is the only mat that combines all of these essential features, so you can provide the best livestock care possible:


Recent studies by veterinarian surgeons make the case for FARMATS: When a cow lies down, she supports 80% of her weight on a tripod formed by two knees and a hock. Outdoors, nature provides the cow with a soft turf. When she gets up the hollows visible in the ground illustrate the pressure from her knees and hocks. In the comfort of the field she will spend half her day lying down. Pressure caused by the hardness of concrete with typical bedding restricts her circulation of blood flow, causing swollen knees, hocks and lesions. The reduced circulation of blood flow decreases her ability to provide maximum milk yields. FARMATS promote the health and livestock of your herd, resulting in increased milk yields, covering the cost of the mats

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