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Portable Stall Set

Provide cushioned support when your horse needs it most - at shows or clinic! Six lightweight Ultimats travel easily with you and click together in minutes (forms a 9' x 8' pad) in temporary stalls. Ultimats are your horse's bed so shavings only needed to absorb wet - save 60+% shavings!

6 x Ultimats 3' x 4' (8' x 9' area for portable stall use)

1.1" (28mm) thickness for horses over 600kg (~1,320lbs)
0.78" (20mm) thickness for horses under 600kg (~1,320lbs)

Price: $ 468.00 (20mm) $588.00 (28mm)

Ideal for shows and clinics. Provide your horse with the comfort it deserves, while saving 60% on show bedding. See more below.

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    • 8ft x 9ft
    • 0.78″ or 1.1″ (20mm or 28mm) thick
    • 92.6lbs or 132lbs (42kg or 60kg)
    • LocksĀ together easily and firmly
    • Non-slip tredplate
    • Non-porous
    • EVA & virgin rubber composite
    • Underside drainage (so your horse stays dry, no matter what!)
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