Equimat North America is honored to be invited to the Western States Horse Expo Pomona to present a three-part lecture series on barn and horse emergency planning. Real life evacuees and renowned champion horse breeding farm Dreamcatcher Meadows share their own personal experience of moving dozens of horses and foals to safety when wildfire threatened their home and barns – the full story can be read in Warmbloods Today and follow-up cover article lessons learned. One of the most important lessons was finding easy to use firefighting equipment. Equimat North America, the Dreamcatcher Meadows-owned company exclusively distributing Europe’s therapeutic horse stall mats,  launches at this Pomona CA show firefighting gear for home and barn use, made by the same manufacturers of professional fire extinguishers and fire retardants, Scotty Firefighter.  This Canadian owned and operated family business has supplied professional and volunteer firefighting first responders for decades, equipping first responders to tackle everything from city blazes to wildfire infernos. Responding to market need, emphatically demonstrated with the 2017 California wildfires, Scotty Firefighter has created lightweight, easy to use, premium versions of the professional’s gear for use by the general public.  Equipment such as the Bravo Alpha Backpack are designed for use by all horse owners and guardians that want to stay prepared for barn fires and homes emergencies. Learn how this equipment ensures you can be prepared at the lectures in the University Horse Expo, with additional emergency preparation and evacuation advice during the lectures detailed below.   Lloyd Rees will join Dreamcatcher Meadows to demonstrate and explain about the equipment first-hand at booths #9133, 9135, 9137, and 9139.

Equimat North America will also showcase their complete range of horse stall mats and anti-fatigue mats for home and commercial use such as the Horse Stall Mat Ultimat UV RESISTANT. The complete range of animal and human anti-fatique flooring products from Equimats  and firefighting equipment for home, barn through to commercial use by Scotty Firefighting, are for sale to the public for the first time at our booth !

 Lecture details for the three part “Are You Prepared?”are found at the links below:

Equimat Horse Stall Mats (Part 1/3) . Friday March 9, 12:45  Horse Expo University

Barn Emergencies: You Can be Prepared!

U.S. Launch of Scotty’s Firefighting Farm Products

Equimat Horse Stall Mats (Part 2/3):  Saturday March 10, 9:45  Horse Expo University

Are You Prepared? Lessons Learned from Wildfire

Evacuation & the Answer: Scotty Firefighting Products

Equimat Horse Stall Mats (Part 3/3) .  Sunday March 11, 4:00 Horse Expo University

 When the Unthinkable Happened – Diary of

Wildfire Evacuation & Scotty Firefighting Products