Horse Stall mats save horse

This true account published in Warmbloods Today tells of how Equimat horse stall mats were a key factor in the laminitis treatment that ultimately saved this horse’s life. In 2011 Grand Prix champion Dreamcatcher Elite was diagnosed with a laminitic lameness so severe that insurance authorized euthanasia. Known to her caregivers as “Aria”, those who loved her didn’t give up on her, although the odds were against her recovery. Owners of Dreamcatcher Meadows Breeding and Training Centre state that Equimat’s special formulated horse stall mats were critical to her return to good health, with their farm’s namesake ultimately returning to competition at the sport’s highest level. “An Aria of Hope” is the heartwarming account of how Equimats played a key role in ensuring the 15 year love affair of this amazing mare and the many who loved her continued on against all odds.

Aria not only lived, but thrived –  her dressage showing success continued on. Her success contributed to this mountain valley farm winning the coveted annual title “Adequan USDF Sporthorse Breeder of the Year” three years in a row!!!!  She produced six foals by the farm’s residential embryo transfer program, which then developed into a legacy of over thirty horse owners enjoying her progeny – all of which carry her international superstar genetics.

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***Aria of Hope 2012 Warmbloods Today****