Sport, Commercial and Domestic Mats

Multimats and Ultimats are premium support mats ideal anywhere 24/7 anti-fatigue or therapeutic flooring is desired such as home gyms, children play areas, work stations in factories, stages, rented or permanent office flooring. – anywhere you want therapeutic and anti-fatigue flooring.  Easy installation, light weight and incredible durability mean you can easily move to new location and use over and over, supported by Testimonials. Reduce joint pain on cement-based floors.

Multimat Soft and Multimat Firm work together but look the same when installed.  Instal Multimat Soft where you walk, stand or do floor exercises   and Multimat Firm in areas where  heavier objects are placed such as desks, home gym equipment, furniture.  Multimat Bevelled Edges and Multimat Corners provide a clear transition from one the covered floor surface to eliminate tripping plus frame the interlocking rubber tiles for a modern, clean finished appearance.

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