Fire Extinguisher – Scotty BRAVO BACKPACK


This innovative fire extinguisher is a complete backpack system equipped with water hand pump. Due to its extra carrying capacity this is the prime solution to personal firefighting. This product is made with a high visibility Cordura Yellow allowing the user to easily identify its location during an emergency. Bravo Backpack (4000F) Kit contains: Backpack, Hose, Hand Pump and Foam Applicator. 


SCOTTY Firefighter Bravo Backpack

This innovative fire extinguisher backpack can save animals and structures in the heat of the moment by quickly diffusing any situation, large or small. Due to its extra carrying capacity the user can maximize on potential high risk situations where time is of the essence . This complete backpack system and nozzle kit allows the user to efficiently spray, douse and contain the ignition source of a fire. Long range capability allows you stay at a safe distance from harms way. Have ease of mind that the Bravo Backpack can be used by anyone in your barn at moments notice.

  • Easy to carry and made from lightweight polyester fabric, with a protective fire suppressant thermoplastic layer
  • 3″ wide fully padded adjustable shoulder and chest straps
  • Shoulder strap equipped with clip for pump storage when not in use
  • ¾” GHT hose connection located at bottom center of backpack
  • Highly visible colour ensures identification through smoke and foliage
  • Backpack has a capacity of 6 gallons (22 L)
  • Weighs approximately 50lbs (22.7 kg) when full
  • Dimensions (empty) 24” H x 20” W.
  • Ideal for applications in many environments; Horse farms, Barns, Agriculture Facilities, etc.
  • For another option check out the ALPHA BACKPACK