Fire Extinguisher – Scotty FOAM FAST™ CARTRIDGE APPLICATOR 3/4”


This foam cartridge dilutes into the water flow and emerges through an air aspirating nozzle. Foam Fast CartridgeApplicator 3/4″(4010-3)


Fire Extinguisher – Scotty FOAM FAST™ CARTRIDGE APPLICATOR 3/4”

The Foam Applicator Cartridge is simple and effective method to deploy foaming agent onto a fire scene – simply attach to your garden hose and go. The foam cartridge will dilute into the water flow and emerge through the air aspirating nozzle. This applicator is a compact and discrete firefighting accessory.

  • Economical, effective and easy way to deploy foam agent
  • To operate, open the inlet side of the mixing chamber, insert a Foam-FastTM cartridge, reseal the inlet end cap, attach to a supply hose and spray Class A foam
  • Foam-Fast™ cartridges are produced by ICLPerformance, makers of Phos-Chek® Foam
  • Includes mixer, shut off and 3 GPM nozzle
  • Uses 6” cartridges – ¾” GHT
  • Available in multiple flow rates for ¾” GHT and 1 ½” NHT, NPSH or BSP threaded hose lines
  • Ideal for applications in many environments; Horse farms, Barns, Agriculture Facilities, etc.