Horse Stall Mats


Versatile, lightweight mat for stalls of horses lighter than 1300 lbs (600 kg). Portable rubber mats for horse shows, trailers and tack rooms. 3′ x 4′ in size, 20mm (approx 0.79″) thick 


Horse Stall Mats, Ultimat STANDARD

Horse Stall Mats that are Europe’s favorite! Ultimat Standard horse mats to provide premium therapeutic comfort and support for horses. Ulitmats ARE the horse’s bed so only use enough bedding to absorb wet, saving you on average 60% less bedding and thus pay for themselves! The only horse stall mats designed to ease arthritic or inflamed joints. No more hock sores as these horse stall mats are non-abrasive! Many of these features are only found in other horse stall mats – but ONLY Equimats have ALL these BENEFITS in one horse stall mat!  Customers say it all in their TESTIMONIALS  as they rate Equimats and Ultimats as the best choice for horse show stall mats, foaling stall mats, grooming stalls mats, alleyway mats, aisle mats, horse trailer mats and even walker mats and general barn flooring!


  • Each horse stall mat measures 3′ x 4″, 20mm thick
  • Light weight (16 pounds/7.3 kg.), non-porous and non-abrasive – unlike heavy absorbent recycled tire mats
  • Easy to install and stays put with 4 interlocking sides – NO PROFESSION INSTALLATION NEEDED OR HIDDEN INSTALLATION COSTS
  • Non-abrasive, non-slip top tread plate – no more hock sores!
  • Underside has drainage channel for ideal use as wash box mats or grooming stall mats
  • The unique pure rubber and foam composite provides the best comfort and uniform support for your horse.
  • Amazingly durable (many customers still enjoying Equimat horse stall mats purchased over a decade ago! SEE HERE)
  • Fit to any space or size stall – see INSTALLATION tab to easily re-configure by adding more Ultimat Standard horse mats
  • Go perfect with Equimat WALL Horse Stall Mat
  • NEW: Custom colored mats available at 10% surcharge with minimum 100 horse stall mats order.

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Weight 7.3 kg

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