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Multimat FIRM
Hard Wearing Rubber Mats
for Heavier Weights

A fully interlocking dual density mat with a firm coloured top surface and softer and shock absorbing bottom layer. Perfect for foundation underneath heavier equipment, furniture etc. Product assists in noise reduction, heat insulation and colour zoning. Ideal for garages, workshops, gym, tradeshow stands and industrial use.

Price: $ 74.00

Hard-wearing dual layer rubber mat support for heavier weights including gym equipment, furniture, machinery, etc.

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    • Dimensions: 1 meter x 1 meter (approx. 3’3″ x 3’3″)
    • Approx .78″ (20mm) thick
    • Available in single or dual color combinations
    • Provides floor protection, noise reduction, heat insulation and color zoning
    • Fully interlocking on all four sides
    • Ideal for boxing & martial arts clubs and gyms and free weight training areas
    • Can accommodate heavy exercise equipment
    • For use in gyms, garages, playrooms, caravans and awnings, workshops and exhibition stands
    • Easy to install and keep clean – just wash with warm, soapy water
    • Interlocks with Multimat Soft mats if a combination of densities is required
    • Interlocking bevelled edge and corner pieces are available for a safe, anti-trip edge and finished look
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