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Horse Stall Mats Indoor and Outdoor – Ultimat UV Resistant Supersoft

Horse stall mats – Ultimat UV Resistant Supersoft 

These extra thick horse stall mats provide all the BENEFITS you enjoy in our popular Ultimat with the new feature of Ultra Violet light resistance!  UV absorber and sunlight resistant pigment  offers excellent weather resistance and protect the shade of product from fading.  Ultimat Supersoft UV is 28mm thick and Ultimat Standard UV are 20mm thick.  Supersoft recommended for larger horses, animals with joint issues or older where extra comfort and support is desired. Ideal for:

    • anywhere 24/7 therapeutic support is desired with location having continuous direct or strong sun exposure
    • barns with indoor stalls connected to outdoor areas i.e “in and outs”
    • run in sheds, field shelters or liberty barns
    • outdoor grooming areas or hitching posts
    • use as base for roundpens or horsewalker greatly reducing foundation costs
    • outdoor temporary stalls at horse shows and clinics
    • Available in taupe, brown and green
    • Custom color for large orders 10% surcharge
  • ideal for any animals to enjoy – and people too!

Best Stall Mats for Laminitis Recovery and Loafing Shed

Best Stall Mats Review

Best Stall Mats Review ·

I purchased 12 of the UV protection,extra cushion Equimat mats for one horse that I own that had terrible hock sores after laying on gravel or regular rubber mats in his paddock. My horses are outside 24/7 in sheltered, rubber matted, rock/crusher/sand paddocks. The shelter had regular rubber mats, but he didn’t seem to want to lay on them very much and they are abrasive. 
He would lay on the sand/rock mix and had horrible wounds on his hocks. The wounds wouldn’t heal. I tried hock boots which just slipped down, and wrapping his hocks to no avail. Nothing worked. I no longer have to worry since I purchased the extra cushy Equimats. He sleeps on them, I use no shavings, and he has no more hock sores. He had hock sores for over 8 months, and they never healed. It did take a month or so for the sores to go after I purchased the equimats, but he has never had them again. The mats are great – I’ve now had them for many years without any issues. I’ve also just ordered my next set for my other horse who has laminitis issues. He will get his UV extra cushy mats as well. I highly recommend these mats. The other bonus? You can actually move these around yourself without back strain, and fit them together like a puzzle or cut them to fit. I’m really happy with them, and I feel they are worth the price after seeing the difference in my horse.

Best mats for Loafing Shed or Run In Horse Shelters