Therapeutic stall matsQ: Are there any therapeutic stall mats for barn flooring?

A: YES! Customer & vet declare 100% recovery for chronic lame horse after just two months with Equimats- therapeutic stall mats!

Thanks Kirsten and Kennedy for sharing  your heart-warming Equimat experience.  Can’t begin to say how delighted we are to read this customer’s Facebook review testimonial that Equimat therapeutic stall mats were pivotal in her beloved chronically lame 17 year old horse making a complete recovery! We experienced the same miraculous benefits using this kind of horse stall mats while living in England for a decade – (see “An Aria of Hope” in Warmbloods Today). Returning to Pemberton B.C. to build our new home and farm, Dreamcatcher Meadows Sporthorses (, we were devastated to learn there were no  therapeutic, anti-fatigue horse mats available in in Canada or the U.S. Today Equimats are still the only horse stall mats that deliver all essential features. We could not imagine compromising the care of our horses. More than a decade and half million Equimats sold later, customers, and their horses continue to enjoy our customized design.  Let Kirsten tell you how Equimat’s 24/7 non-invasive cushioned support has given her beloved mare a new lease on life…

Kirsten Poppe Brolin reviewed Equimat Stall Mats – North America — 5/5 stars

January 27 at 7:04pm

“Our 17 year old KWPN mare was on and off lame. After bringing in the vet, the mare was diagnosed via ultrasound with an oblique sesamoidean ligament strain. Treatment was months off work and then a “see what we’ve got” approach month after month. I decided that it was time to try the Equimats to see if these would help her. After 1 month of rest, the ultrasound showed a 50% reduction in the strain. After 2 months, the mare was 100% sound and ultrasound showed no signs of strain. She is on a slow path in rehab but I’m convinced the Equimats helped immensely with her recovery. The vet also agreed and was surprised at how quickly she recovered from her injury. The mats are so easy to install and also to move. Can’t wait to put them in the show stalls! Would 100% recommend this product to anyone who wants to give their horse the best.”

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