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Extra Thick Support Mats
for Heavier Weights

Our softest and thickest mat, featuring a soft outer layer, a shock-absorbing middle layer, and a firm outer layer on the opposite side. Install anywhere for triple density therapeutic support: meets martial arts regulations and is excellent for other high impact mat sports.

Price: $ 84.00

Triple-soft therapeutic support for home gyms and high impact mat sports including jujitsu, karate, gymnastics, etc.

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    Check our MultiMat information brochure!

    • 1 meter x 1 meter (3’3″ x 3’3″)
    • Approx 1.6” (40 mm) thick
    • Lightweight! Each mat weighs only 5 lbs. making them easy to move and store
    • Fully interlocking on all four sides
    • The Multimat Triple Density consists of three layers and is multi-use – ready for application on either side:
      • One side is soft and ideal for children’s play areas or low-impact mat sports like yoga or pilates
      • The opposite side is firmer and appropriate for high-impact mat sports like karate, jujitsu or wrestling. Meets the international competition standard for Judo
      • The middle layer is specifically designed to absorb shock and impact
    • Widely used in schools, clubs, casual and formal sporting events, training facilities, sports clubs and for professions requiring fitness training
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