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Lightweight, economical, portable, durable.

And as comfortable as nature itself.

EQUIMAT Stall & Trailer Mats

Equimats are designed to provide a cushioning, protective, and hygienic surface that is as comfortable for your horses as nature itself. These mats are lightweight and non-porous, making them more hygienic and easy to take along with you to shows or if you move stables, due to their unique composition of EVA foam and virgin rubber. Their interlocking edges also make them very easy to install and fit to any size space, and require about 60% less bedding than traditional rubber mats by mimicking the cushioning of natural ground. Click here to see our Equimat Products.

Ideal For

  • Stall floors
  • Stall walls
  • Barnaisleways
  • Cross-tie & grooming areas
  • Wash stalls
  • Trailer walls & floors
  • Trailer ramps
  • Horse walker areas
FARMAT – North America’s Best Agricultural Mat

FARMAT Dairy & Parlor Mats

Farmat agricultural mats provide a comfortable, cushioning and hygienic surface that is particularly well suited for dairy cows and parlors. The cushioning of the mats not only protects cows from getting swollen knees and hock sores from lying down on a hard surface, but can increase milk yields due to the year round comfort and protection they provide. Farmats are also completely non-porous, making them the most hygienic and easy to clean agricultural matting around. Click here to see our Farmat Products.


Ideal For

  • Milking parlors
  • Cow cubicles
  • Walkways
  • Gateway mats
Multimat Soft Gym Fitness Mat in Studio

MULTIMAT Sport, Commercial & Domestic Mats

Multimats are an ideal floor matting for sport rooms and gyms, and play or recreational areas. They provide a protective, cushioning and hygienic surface, and come in an array of densities and thicknesses to suit the support and cushioning needs of your space and activity. These mats come in a variety of colours, are easy to install due to their interlocking edges, and with their non-porous composition, they won’t absorb moisture or bacteria – making them cleaner and healthier. Click here to see our Multimat Products.


Ideal For

  • Gyms & Fitness Centers
  • Martial Arts Studios
  • Dance Studios
  • Schools
  • Camping
  • Pet Comfort
  • Children's Play Areas
  • Garages & Workshops

Easy Installation Procedure

Easy installation due to the light weight design!