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Equimat North America Presents: Are You Prepared – Equine Fire Safety

Protect Your Horse. Protect Their Home. Equimat North American Presents: ARE YOU PREPARED? To inaugurate Equimat North America's exclusive retail launch of Scotty Firefighting products, Equimat co-owner Jill Giese will be giving a presentation this weekend at the Mane Event in Chilliwack with Scotty Firefighting president Lloyd Rees on emergency pre

Important News: Equimat North America Launches Firefighting Products

EQUIMAT NORTH AMERICA, your trusted source for the best animal & human anti-fatigue mat flooring, brings you the best products for protecting their home - and yours!  Introducing  SCOTTY FIREFIGHTING Products!  Equimat North America proudly announces their exclusive retail of Canadian manufactured SCOTTY Firefighting Products for farm and home use.  Product sales launch with lecture and demonstrations thi

Part Two: Evacuation of Horse Breeding & Training during BC Wildfires

Here is the second part of two part article by Jill,  co-owner with partner John Dingle, published in  Warmblood-Wildfire-Article-Part-2 copy of Pemberton BC's Dreamcatcher Me

Dreamcatcher Meadows Wildfire Evacuation (published “Warmbloods Today”Pt 1)

The diary written by the owners of three time champion North American Sporthorse Breeder of the Year, Dreamcatcher Meadows Breeding and Training Centre in Pemberton BC, facing potential devastation when uncontrolled wildfires descended on their mountain valley farm.   Warmblood-Wildfire-Article-Part-1 copy

Equimats and Multimats Dance Floor Capabilities

Dreamcatcher Meadows recently hosted a wedding at their award winning equestrian facility in Pemberton, British Columbia. The wedding took place outdoors and featured several logistical issues faced when hosting such an event outside. One of the issues that had to be solved prior to the wedding was finding a suitable flooring for multiple surfaces such as sand, concrete and grassy areas. It was suggested to the bride and groom, why not use Equimats for your multiple flooring needs! Equimats light weight and dura

Customers Thrilled with New Equimats

Our recent customers Tom and Fonda in South Carolina are thrilled with how fast and easily their new facility was to fit with our Equimat stall, trailer and table mats. They used Supersoft mats in their stalls, washbox and trailer, and Equimat Wall mats in stalls for non-abrasive guard against hock sores, easy cleaning and attractive appearance. They say using Equimats were a great way to outfit their facility and look fantastic. We know they'll love how much money they'll save in reduced bedding (60% less!!).

Multimats Featured in New Award-winning Passive House Factory!

Congratulations to Durfeld Constructors and Hemsworth Architects, who have recently been awarded the Governor Generals Medal in Architecture for their new Passive House Factory here in Pemberton, BC. They chose to use Multimats throughout their project for their therapeutic support and durability - we are honoured to be featured in their new building! Read more about their project and passive housing by clicking here

Portable Show Mats – Save 60% on shavings and keep your horse comfortable

Provide cushioned support when your horse needs it most at shows or clinics. Six lightweight Ultimats travel easily with you and click together in minutes (forms a 9' x 8' pad) in temporary stalls. Ultimats create your horse's bed so shavings are only needed to absorb moisture. Use 60% less bedding while you're on the road - put your shavings in the centre for geldings and stallions, and in the corner for mares where they urinate. Take droppings straight off of the stall! Choose our 1.1" (28mm) thickness for horses over 600kg (~1,300lbs)

Come see us at Rolex Kentucky!

We’re in the Bluegrass State for the Best Weekend All Year! Jill and John will be at Booth 77 at Rolex all weekend promoting Equimats and our champion sport horses and stallions, so stop by and check us out!       KHP

We’re featured in Gaitpost! November 2015

In November 2015, Dreamcatcher Meadows was featured in a six page article in Gaitpost magazine, detailing our facilities and what makes us the USDF Breeder of the Year three years running! The wonderful Jessica Lefroy wrote a wonderful piece and we are proud to share it with you! Have a read and find out all about why and how we use Equimats throughout our facilities and property. Click on the link below to read the article: https://issuu.com/gaitpost/docs/gaitpost-nov2015 Behind Barn Doors By Jessica Lefroy, Gaitpost | November

Equimats transforms Thunderbird Show Park!

Equimats.com, exclusive distributor in North America of Europe's #1 therapeutic ‪#‎horsemat‬, has transformed the arena at Thunderbird Show Park for the SH Productions ‪#‎Cornellison‬ & ‪#‎Oppenheimer‬ event this weekend! The teams at Dreamcatcher Meadows and Event Rental Works did a first-class installation. Come and experience the mats firsthand, chat with our reps on-site then $ave, $ave, $ave - at event end (Sunday May 1st - 4pm). These Equimats can be purchased at a special show-room price (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery

Equimats – See North America’s best horse mats at Rolex Three Day Event (booth 77)!


Choose non-porous gym mats Multimats can be disinfected

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UGGGH! Commercial and Home Gym Mats absorb bacteria!

Sweaty gym rubber mat Typical rubber or recycled mats are POROUS - this high class hotel customer rubber gym mats cannot be sterilized [caption id="attachment_49" align="alignnone" width="316"]Hotel Gym mat Rubber crumb or recycled tire gym mats break down and absorb bact

Use Equimats – the horse stall mat that helps combat strangles virus!!!!

Good news - we have the answer for stopping contamination spreading! We learned of Equimats while living in England where it was the industry standard in stalls, trailers and at show facilities.   I learned firsthand just how traumatic and devastating strangles is when my good friend who owned a Leicestershire riding school had the virus introduced the same way as Southlands - by a pony shipped in. It almost was the end of her business.  We learned the hard way that both the trailer rubber matting that the hor