Mat Installation

With Equimats there is no need for expensive horse stall mat installation charges! The unique design and formulation of Equimats – compact size & light weight; easily cut; durable and re-useable – means you can easily install these mats yourself!!!

*****Please read all instructions before starting your project and do not hesitate to call us if you have questions BEFORE YOU CUT 604-894-6819*****


  • Step 1. MEASURE AREA. Measure area of mat installation.
  • Step 2. PLACE.  Click mats into desired configuration to suit area (See common stall size configurations in Installation FAQ)
  • Step 3. MARK to CUT. If you desire a straight edge or are customizing to go around protrusions, measure and mark cutting line with pencil or by light scoring line with knife. 
  • Step 4. CUT. Use a SHARP hardware knife cut off piece with locks to make a straight edge (don’t discard this piece – see #5 below). Follow same procedure if you have a protruding
    post or require a custom shape.
  • OPTIONAL Step 5. CLEAN FINISH. For wall to wall flush straight edges use the cut piece from #4 and click locks onto the opposite side of your mats space, creating a straight edge on both sides.step4
  • TIPS:
    • If you experience “drag” change your blade or make several strokes to gradually deepen cut until remove.
    • If you have an area requiring many custom cuts, consider making a paper template and place in area until you have area covered you desire .
    • Cutting off locks is optional.  For show or temporary horse stall mat use keep locks on for possibly adding Ultimats to cover different area.
    • DON’T discard offcuts.  Equimats are incredibly durable. Many customers have re-fit several times.
    • If you take your stall mats up for any reason, or re-install in another horse stall, we suggest you mark order number for best re-installation  fit.
    • Mats must be same thickness.
    • Remember, Equimats provide a therapeutic, anti-fatigue floor that IS YOUR HORSE’S BED. Use  bedding material like cat litter – only necessary to absorb urine not for bedding comfort. Pick droppings off mat with plastic shaving fork or shovel and remove saturated bedding & sweep clean. Done in minutes.
    • We recommend leaving  a one to two inch gap around outside edge of your installed mats to allow for expansion. Once in place, the formulation of rubber and EVA (like foam in your running shoe) and pressure of your horse walking on them will cause a slight expansion or “relaxing”.  This is intentional as the interlocking pieces make a tighter seal and the entire installation expands 1-2 inches The suggested gap around the outside is to allow for this. If your mats are installed to fit snugly from wall to wall and then expanded slightly causing a slight lift or bulge in the stall flooring, THIS IS EASILY FIXED! Simply use a sharp hardware knife to trim your Equimats edges along one side to the point where the stall mat flooring once again lies flat.
  • Further questons?   See our Installation FAQ Page  guide for number of mats and configuration for popular stall sizes. We welcome your phone call or email questions any time.