Installation FAQ

Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many mats do I need for my stall?

A: Depends on your stall size. The chart below will tell you how many Ultimats you will need for average stall sizes.

Stall Size # of Ultimats Needed








Q: What if I have a weird corner in my stall/trailer?

A: If you are making custom cuts, we recommend making a paper template to get the correct shape first, then cut the mat when you have the area you desire covered – but allow 1″-  2″ space from mat to wall to allow mats to “relax” into position.

Q: What type of blade will I need to cut my Equimats/Ultimats?

A: A sharp blade like an X-acto knife or hardware blade will work.

Q: Why do I need to leave a 1″-2″ gap between the mats and the wall?

A: We recommend leaving  a one to two inch gap around outside edge of your installed mats to allow for expansion. The formulation of rubber and EVA (like foam in your running shoe) creates a product that is soft, yet non-abrasive and amazingly durable.  Over time your Equimats may “relax” with the rubber slightly expanding once in place and your horse walks about on them. We suggest the gap around the outside upon installation to allow for this. If your mats have been installed to fit snugly from wall to wall or have expanded slightly to that point over time, you may get a slight lift or bulge in the stall flooring. THIS IS EASILY FIXED. Simply use a sharp hardware blade to trim mats edges along one stall side to the point where the stall mat flooring once again lies flat.