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Equimats are therapeutic rubber mats designed to provide a cushioning, protective, and hygienic surface that is as comfortable for your horse as nature itself. These premium support mats are lightweight and non-porous, making them hygienic and easy to transport, install and reconfigure. Made from a unique composition of EVA foam and virgin rubber, their interlocking edge design ensures that they will fit to any size shape. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, once your Equimats are in place – you will require 60% less bedding. Better for you. Better for your horse.


Farmats agricultural mats provide a comfortable, cushioning and hygienic surface that is particularly well suited for dairy cows and parlors. The cushioning of the mats not only protects cows from getting swollen knees and hock sores from lying down on a hard surface, but can increase milk yields due to the year round comfort and protection they provide. Farmats are also completely non-porous, making them the most hygienic and easy-to-clean agricultural matting around.

Multimats are premium support mats perfect for home gyms, house or office flooring – anywhere you want therapeutic and anti-fatigue flooring. These interlocking durable, lightweight composite rubber tiles reduce joint pain when you are required to stand for extended periods such as cement-based floors at trade shows, event tent flooring, or factory work. Application possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Mulimat bevelled edges frame the Multimat Soft and Firm rubber composite tiles to not only complete the modern, clean appearance but protect against tripping where floor levels change. These mats come in a variety of colours, are easy to install due to their interlocking edges, and with their non-porous composition, they won’t absorb moisture or bacteria – making them cleaner and healthier.

Scotty Firefighting Products are a line of professional fire response products that will help you keep your horses and their home(s) safe! We believe that being prepared is key. An essential line of products to be stationed in your farm unit or home, these are simple and effective tools that anyone can use to fight serious fire. With the rampant wildfires still burning across the Canadian and American West Coast there is no better time to invest in a line of domestic firefighting products that we know work.

See why everyone loves Equimats and why industry professionals trust us! See our testimonials here!


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