Horse Stall Mats
Ultimat UV Resistant SUPERSOFT


Horse stall mats that are extra thick for the best therapeutic comfort and support, essential for horses that are: heavier (1300 lbs/600kg or more), older, arthritic or have joint issues. Added ultra violet absorber and sunlight resistant pigment for outdoor application or where direct sun exposure.  3 x 4 in size, 28mm (approx. 1.2) thick.


Horse stall mats – Ultimat UV Resistant SUPERSOFT

These horse stall mats provide all the BENEFITS you enjoy in our traditional Ultimat with the added feature of Ultra Violet light resistance!  UV absorber and sunlight resistant pigment is added to offer excellent weather resistance and protect the shade of product from fading. Ideal horses stall mats for:

  • barns with indoor stalls connected to outdoor areas i.e “in and outs”
  • field shelters 
  • liberty animal housing
  • outdoor grooming areas or hitching posts
  • base for roundpens
  • anywhere 24/7 therapeutic support is desired with location having continuous direct or strong sun exposure
  • alleys, aisles and walkways
  • outdoor temporary stalls at horse shows and clinics
  • ideal for any animals to enjoy – and people too!